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+(2) 0101 869 8745

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Pharaonic hair wigs



Pharaonic Papyrus...

A wide range of papyrus
with various sizes
and unique designs.



Full Glass Shisha

Perfume Bottles

Unlimited variations

For all fashionists

Summer 2017 collection

From Hair Wigs  to pharaonic costumes and accessories
find all trendy fashion gift for your taste.

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Who are we?

Still waiting for an online shopping experience for pharaonic souvenirs? Well, wait no more. The Pharaonic village marketplace is here with an amazing platform that not only lets you choose among products but also lets you discover your style and share it with the world.
The Pharaonic village marketplace welcomes all you fashionable men and women to scroll through a never ending variety of the most fashionable accessories, bags, Pharaonic pins, pharaonic dolls, toys, calendars and much more.
The Pharaonic village marketplace is the specialized online shopping web site for all you fashionable women and men who only buy the best.
We offer a home delivery service which can help you have your product at your door in a short time.